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Our Portfolio Management process is very simple yet thorough.

Right Horizons Portfolio Management Services includes a customized investment avenue for privileged clients. Investors, through our schemes, would have access to virtually every asset class in India through a single window. The schemes are, tailored to suit an individual investor’s objective, time horizon, and risk profile. Right Horizons’ Portfolio Management Service has ensured the investment process is kept simple, yet thorough. We believe and adhere to investment principles that have stood the test of time. “Invest in what you know” the mantra propounded by legendary investor and stock picker Peter Lynch continues to be our guidepost. Get in touch with us for the best portfolio management services.  

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Portfolio management services in India

Diversified Managed Account

Diversified Managed Account (DMA®) is a flexible way of managing your wealth with Right Horizons‘ PMS advisory services. It provides the investor the twin benefit of following the traditional approach to wealth management, while simultaneously building in the flexibility to execute timely decisions that could impact the portfolio over just a phone call or an e-mail. The major benefits of maintaining this account and the prerequisites of opening this account are explained below:  

What are Portfolio Management Services?

Portfolio management services are a facility offered by a portfolio manager with the intent to achieve the required return rate keeping in mind investors’ risk profile. Investment portfolio management includes stock portfolio management, management of fixed-income instruments, real estate, cash, and everything else.  

PMS services in India offer a customized service to Net-worth Individuals (HNI) clients – these are tailored as per the client’s return requirement and ability to take the risk. You can consult advisors at Right Horizon for the best PMS services.  

Types of PMS:

There are many portfolio management companies in India, and they may fall into one of the below types:

  • Active portfolio management
  • Passive portfolio management
  • Discretionary Portfolio Management
  • Non-discretionary Portfolio Management

Features to look for in a PMS?

If you are looking for the best Portfolio management services, please look for below things:

  • Top portfolio management services in India have a model portfolio that they furnish when soliciting clients. Check the performance of their model portfolio.
  • Conduct due diligence of the portfolio manager.
  • Look at their investment strategy and how do go they go about investment portfolio management.
  • Check their customer support and transparency.

If you are looking for a portfolio management company in India, get in touch with Right Horizons. We will be more than happy to serve you.  

How Is This Better Than Individual Investment Account?

  • Versatile:  Every type of financial investment can be done through this account
  • Low cost: It offers the most competitive pricing structure currently available to the Indian investor.
  • Paperless: 100% paperless account with a single view of all your investments . Completly automated execution and reporting
  • Safety: The highest standards of transparency maintained by engaging IL & FS Securities & Services Ltd. (ISSL) as our custodian.
  • Customized: Just like your personal financial position is unique, this account is unique and tailored as per your objectives, risk profile and goals.

Our Process

Our four tier approach of setting tough filters, primary research, Right Horizons Score matrix & Limited berth theory has stood the test of time during periods of intense volatility in the markets .


Screening target universe


Digging Deeper


Identifying Quantifiable Optionality?


How much should we pay?

Our Portfolios

The portfolios are customized and are truly versatile to incorporate most objectives, risks management and return expectations. The breadth and depth of the portfolios is on par with the best in the Indian Investment landscape.

financial growth image | Righthorizon Bangalore
India Business Leader

The India Business Leader scheme advises investing in a subset of high quality growth companies picked from diverse sectors. This scheme uses the Low Churn Buy and Hold strategy which focusses on Quality Companies having Competitive Advantage, available at Reasonable Valuation with solid Corporate Governance practices. It uses selective Hedging strategies for Capital Preservation

Image of RightHorizon | Best financial Advisor in India

This portfolio is a mix of both equity and debt securities. It typically targets Flexicap names in equity space and focuses on identifying investment grade bonds and fixed income securities so that the investor could get the best of both worlds – Equity and Debt.

Portfolio Management Services image by Right Horizon
Super Value Mid & Small CAP

This portfolio has 70% allocation to largecaps and balance 30% in small cap and mid cap companies. Based on the past performance, this fund has given impressive returns and always beaten the benchmark.

Graph image by RightHorizon
Minerva India Underserved

Minerva India Underserved strategy largely focuses on businesses within underpenetrated categories that have much longer runways of growth.  The core of the strategy is to capture value dislocations using a very forensic on the ground approach to picking stocks.  Over the past 8 years, this strategy has flipped the common narrative around Indian smallcaps – Not only has the strategy handily outpaced broader markets since its inception, but it has also delivered this performance with sub-market volatility and without performance being skewed by 1 or 2 ‘stellar’ years for the asset class. Read More

financial planner image by Right Horizon India
Minerva India Undervalued

Our India undervalued strategy is typically a collection of our 10 to 20 best value ideas, all of which coherently fit within our value, forensic and fundamental framework. Similar to India Underserved, India Undervalued is offered in an unconstrained form , I.e no floor or cap on net exposure. India undervalued is targetted at investors that seek to capitalise on value dislocations through identifiable catalysts. entities. Read More

world image | RightHorizon financial planner in India

The Flexicap portfolio maintains a healthy mixture of large cap, mid-cap and small-cap schemes. It also takes positions in bonds/ gold to de-risk and enhance return profile. The strategy endeavours to capitalise the growth in both large and mid cap space.

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Frequently Ask Questions

Any resident or non-resident Indian can open a DMA(Diversified Managed Account) with Right Horizons Portfolio Management.

SEBI has mandated registered portfolio managers to have a minimum funding amount for such accounts at INR 2.5million (INR 25 lakhs). The same can be funded by cash, existing holdings of listed securities, unlisted securities and/or mutual funds or any combination of the  above mentioned instruments.

No. We currently  offer clients with discretionary portfolios where the account is managed through a  Power Of Attorney (POA)  given to the Portfolio Manager. All instructions to fund/withdraw need to be routed through the portfolio manager. However, if you wish for non-discretionary / advisory services or an execution only account, please get in touch with our service advisor and we shall be happy to help you set one up.

Yes, virtually every financial investment can be done through this account. We have managed strategies for  all the asset classes which have been outperforming benchmarks and competition. However, this account has limitations with respect to holding Indian securities and pre-dominantly intangibles.

Rest assured, we have maintained the highest standards of transparency by engaging IL& FS Securities & Services Ltd. (ISSL) as our custodian. ISSL provides this account with custody, safe-keeping, record keeping and clearing & settlement of each and every trade or transaction. We provide you with periodic reports on holdings, account activity and transactions. This account is as safe as any investment account that you are operating currently.

We have the most competitive pricing structure currently available to the Indian investor. The typical charges like brokerage on transactions, Demat annual maintenance charges, Custody charges, FMC (fund management charges) and applicable loads, if any would be levied in this account. These are  are as per standard industry practice and we believe our pricing offers the extra value to the investor.

No. The account is not transferable in title to any other individual. This client can however transfer the underlying securities  through his/her regular demat account. The individual should specify the nominee for this account to avoid any issues later in the event of death or any other eventuality. In addition, just like other financial accounts, this account can be held in single, joint and/or in registered entities names.

There are two sets of documentation that need to be done by the client. First, to open a Right Horizons DMA® account the client needs to agree to the terms and conditions set forth in Right Horizons Portfolio Management Agreement document. The investor has to  open a demat account with ISSL. The client would therefore need to endorse an Account opening form of Right Horizons DMA® and account opening of the Demat with ISSL. To make it convenient for the client, we have clubbed the above two in a single form at the time of opening . The entire account opening process takes approximately 2 to 3 days .

Our sole aim is to provide you end to end wealth management solutions under one roof.