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As one of the world’s fastest-growing economies, India offers the best investment options for NRIs. There are a wide range of investment opportunities across a variety of asset classes. With investment opportunities ranging from equity, fixed income, real estate, and more, India has continued to stand out as an attractive investment destination.

Individuals looking for the best investment in India for NRIs can explore investment opportunities in Indian capital markets from various investment avenues such as India dedicated Mutual Funds Schemes, Portfolio Investment Schemes, and other eligible securities. Investment offerings under NRI services should be customized to the individual’s risk profile and investment objectives. To understand asset class behavior, the offering must be further backed by a strong research team and a dedicated service delivery team. A transaction-based investment management approach or the asset advisory approach offered by wealth management firms in a specific country can meet these needs.

Who is an NRI?

A person who stays abroad for more than 182 days in a given financial year is considered an NRI and is eligible for our NRI services.

How to get started?

We have an online counselling and account activation process to make it easy for NRIs to get started with their investment journey in India. Looking for NRI services? Get in touch with us.

Reasons why NRIs should invest in India?

There are many investment options for NRIs in India. NRIs can create their portfolio by investing in different options. Below are some reasons why NRI should invest in India:

  • Prepare for retirement: Since NRIs live in foreign countries, they would have little idea about their retirement needs and investment options for retirement. They need an advisor to help them invest in the right instruments for retirement.
  • Good Returns: NRI wealth management services ensure that the wealth is not only protected, but that NRIs receive a good return on their capital by participating in the growth of the Indian Economy as it grows to be the third largest economy. (Source: IMF)
  • Build financial assets: NRIs with surplus cash can build financial assets as per their needs, – residential or commercial property.

Why do NRIs need financial advisors?

If you are looking for investment options for NRIs in India, you will find many such options. How do you know which are the best options for you? There are many other complex questions in front of NRI investors when they plan to invest in India. Let us look at some reasons why they should opt for a financial advisor:


Tax planning for NRIs is a task in itself, as taxation gets complicated for NRIs. You will have to deal with local taxation rules and then have to align with Indian taxation for NRI. For example, when you invest in a mutual fund, is the taxation rule the same as for Indian residents or different? You need to know how mutual fund taxation for NRIs work.


If you invest on your own as NRI, you may not know if there are any portfolio investment schemes for NRIs. A financial advisor can help you invest in such schemes apart from traditional investment schemes.

Tax filing

Knowing taxation is one thing, and filing taxation is another. Financial advisors have expertise in income tax filing for NRIs, and for this reason, you must opt for their services.

Right Horizons has years of experience helping NRIs find the best NRI investment options in India. We have supported tax planning for NRIs for almost 2 decades.

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