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Corporate Advisory

Corporate advisory services provides specialized advice to corporate on their corporate treasury, funding, management consulting and mergers & acquisitions.

Our expertise in corporate finance and reformatting corporate plans focuses on delivering value to our clients as part of our corporate advisory services.

We closely work with the stakeholders to ensure that the transactions are delivered to provide the best strategic value to tour clients. Under our corporate advisory consulting, we help you to develop the business progressively and guide you to make the correct decisions to achieve maximum efficiency.

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Corporate treasury

Managing of the surpluses of the company as per their mandate.  Eg. Short term parking, financing long term projects, etc

Management consulting

Strategy, implementation.  Providing a fresh perspective to the promoters/management.  

Transaction advisory

Fund raising, M&A  

Why should you opt for corporate advisory services?

You need corporate advisory consulting for one or more of the reasons below:  

  • As a corporate house, you may be looking for expansion opportunities, profitable mergers or acquisitions, etc. The formalities involved in such cases need to be professionally handled. You will need business advisory services in such situations to get the job done effectively and easily.
  • Promoters of companies, wanting a sounding board and support to take the organization to the next level.
  • A company has hundreds of complex business processes that need to be handled on a daily basis. Some of them are critical. If not handled by an expert, it can impact the company. Processes that have legal angles can be outsourced to a company offering corporate financial advisory services.
  • Some areas need specialized handling and may not be done by anyone and everyone – for such areas, you need corporate advisory services.
  • Corporates wanting to educate their employees in their personal financial management.

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Change is Awareness

The first step towards change is awareness. Our corporate services creates awareness through two different mediums.

Corporate workshops
Educative Corporate Workshops for employees

Our expert team of analysts conducts various workshops regarding Investing, tax saving, and overall Financial Wellness. Our main aim is to spread awareness of the need to manage and invest your finances for a healthy and hassle-free life.

Corporate helpdesk
Corporate Helpdesk for employees

We understand that everyone has doubts, confusion, and queries. With our helpdesk set up at your organization’s premises, employees can spend one on one time with our experts, who are more than eager to answer all your queries related to finance.

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