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Child Education Plan

Child education is the best investment one can have in his/her portfolio.

Children are the most crucial part of a parent’s life. It’s in human DNA to care for their child and plan for their future. Sometimes it takes whole life for parents to shape their children’s future.

Right Horizons has required expertise in financial planning for children’s education to provide a better solution for these caring parents. We have a range of products to share their burden and help them to secure their child’s future. It’s a Combined plan of Investment and Insurance to secure the child’s future.

With this plan, any income uncertainty which affects your child’s education will be negated and secure the child’s future financially. Overall this plan secures, the emotional, social, and physical development of young children without depending on anyone.

Invest just Rs 5000 each month to get 40.6 Lakhs when your child enters college.

What is a child's education plan?

Children’s education plan in India is investment cum insurance policies that allow you to save for your child’s higher education expenses over the policy term. In case of your untimely death, it provides security to the child.

Every parent wants to give the best education to their child. For that, you need to start investing in children’s education. Other than an investment cum insurance plan, you can also opt for mutual funds options for your child’s education. Mutual funds give good returns to investors in the mid to long run. At Right Horizons, we guide you to invest in the best SIP for child education. We ensure you have enough funds before you need them.

Why should you opt for a child's education plan?

Kids’ education planning is essential to secure your child’s future. Below are some reasons for it:

  • You provide your child with a good life: Financial planning for children’s education ensures you do proper and efficient planning, so your children never compromise with their dreams.
  • Power of compounding: When you start investing in children’s education in an account dedicated to your child’s future education expenses, you make use of the power of compounding.
  • Reduces pressure on your children: If you don’t plan for your child’s education, you leave limited options for them to choose from. There is no denying that education will get costlier with time. Starting any SIP may not help, you need to start investing in the best SIP for child education.
  • Beat inflation: Even if you have the required corpus for your child’s education, you still need to invest it in instruments that can beat inflation.

Right Horizons provide you with end-to-end services when it comes to securing the future of your child. We understand what it means to be in your parent’s shoes.

  • Give wings to your kid’s Dream
  • Achieve your Goals with peace of mind
  • Double Tax Benefits
  • Recommendation by qualified Planners

Our sole aim is to provide you end to end wealth management solutions under one roof.