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Wealth is wealth only when it works to meet your life or legacy goals. Our services are mapped to your financial desires, stage of life & destination


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Our proven fund strategies are backed by in-depth research, tech & innovation to deliver superior risk adjusted returns.



Shared culture

Our team defines our relationship-first culture, by always doing what’s right for clients, not what’s most profitable for us!

Everybody grows

Our team oversees wealth creation, we ensure they are part of the prosperity journey, through rewarding & growth oriented opportunities.

Open doors, Open minds

We encourage an approachable, collaborative & flexible way of working. Everyone on the team, from top down, listens and learns!


Be it our PMS or financial advisory, we back our people with solid research and shared expertise.

What really
makes us proud

A respectful, rewarding work culture that makes every
team member and customer truly happy.

Our Team

“Right Horizons is like a family. This was my first job after my MBA and I was nervous that my knowledge was purely academic. The RH team was very supportive, right from Anil Sir and helped me find my feet quickly. “

Nibha Valsan

Team Lead – Financial Planning & Analysis

“I don't think that any company will give you an opportunity for a fresher who is completely new to this industry that kind of opportunity to move from one department to another department that too within a span of 5 years, I believe that I am privileged to have that have gotten that kind of opportunity and that's the reason I have been having an enjoyable journey so far at RH.“

Dattatreya BK

Family Office Specialist

“It has been a wonderful journey with Right Horizons over the last five years. There has never been a dull moment for me either in terms of learning or having new experiences. Every individual finds it easy to pursue their goals as Right Horizons offers the correct balance between flexibility and Freedom in actions. While we are monitored to be in alignment with the overall vision of the company, we are free to choose the path. There is mutual respect and tolerance for every employee and this attitude is definitely top down. Glad to be associated with Right Horizons and see myself growing to greater heights along with the organisation.“

Preethi Shukla

Wealth Manager

“What I like the most about right horizons is the learning curve which is a very critical thing and very important according to me. “

Jude Felix

Sr. Project Manager

“I am with Right Horizons for almost 10 Years it was a pleasant journey to be with RH working in different areas of wealth including client managing tracking of their portfolio and I feel like working here is like my own company wherein I am able to do what is the good for my client that one of the reasons I always love to work here and try to give as best as I can give and they provide us the best platform in terms of an opportunity to grow from a client perspective from an individual perspective that always makes us think way forward what we are doing today. “

Sunil Kawariya

Head - Private Wealth & NRI Services

Our Clients

“I am happy being a customer of Right Horizons because without Right Horizons I don't think we would have thought of regular investment (Wealth Creation)- Max we would have put inFds if there is any lump sum amount Also we have full trust in Anil & Rachna and are sure whatever recommendation /Suggest is for our good at any point of time. Anil & Rachna's decision always has the customer in their mind and taken the tough decision to benefit the customer at their own cost which no other company will do Hats off to both of them. ”


“I have been associated with Right Horizons since 2013. I was impressed by their concept and dedication to serve customers. They provide right advice and help maximize returns. I think they are one of the best financial service providers.”

Nagaraj Nayak

“Ever since introduction Right Horizons have been managing and guiding my portfolio with care. Effective communication, knowledged decisions and suggestion have been the best practices followed for customer satisfaction and trust. Wish the Right Horizon team all success and continue their support for all range of investors.”

Dr. Sanjib Banerjee

“I have been a Right horizon customer for 6 plus years … The best thing I like about them is no coercing into buying new plans . Also the USP is decluttered & simple to understand portfolio reports ! Rohit is doing a phenomenal job.”

Shankar Sundarrajan

“I have been associated with RH since 2007. With the association, I gained insights about financial products available in the market. Earning money is one part of life , how to use that money efficiently is very crucial. Right horizons will nurture to create savings pot and build the portfolio slowly and steadily to reach financial goal. Very happy to associate with RH.”

Praveen Choudhary

"I am associated with Anil Rego & Right Horizons since 2004. In the 20 years of association, I have received excellent advice on investment & portfolio Management from the very committed team at Right Horizons."

Sivakumar S

“I have been associated with Right Horizons since 2013. I was impressed by their concept and dedication to serve customers. They provide right advice and help maximize returns. I think they are one of the best financial service providers.”

Srinivas Gandhi

“Right Horizons stands by its tagline "Guiding you in achieving your goals" It helped me in bringing discipline in my investments, a systematic approach to financial planning, and help me understand the market dynamics. I feel my investment is in safe hands.”

Sanyasi Rao

OF start

At our Christmas party, Team RH not only gets the chance to join in, connect, and interact with the kids, but also experiences the joy of giving back, infusing the celebration with a sense of purpose and unity that goes beyond the festivities.


OF start

The right to prosper is a universal right and it starts with access. The Right Horizons Foundation works to provide quality education to the underprivileged which we believe is the best way to transform the fortunes of an entire family.


OUR licenses

We’re SEBI Certified Financial Planner, an end-to-end investment advisory and wealth management firm.

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