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Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management

Our Portfolio Management process is very simple yet thorough.

Right Horizons Portfolio Management offers a complete customized investment avenue for previleged clients. Investors have access to virtually any asset class in India through a single window, tailored to suit objective, time horizon and risk profile.

Right Horizons Portfolio management has kept the investment process very simple yet thorough. We believe to invest on principles that have been stood the test of time yet have been innovative by remaining ahead of our times. “Invest in what you know” the mantra propounded by legendry investor and stock picker Peter Lynch lies as our guide post.

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  • 4 Managed Strategies
  • ₹300 Cr Global Based Investments

Diversified Managed Account

Diversified Managed Account (DMA®) is a completely flexible way of managing your wealth with Right Horizons Portfolio Services.

DMA® provides the investor the same control that is ordinarily maintained when he/she chooses traditional ways of managing his/her wealth. At the same time, flexibility to truly make and execute decision on the fly; view, manage and interact with a phone call or an e-mail makes it truly versatile.

Let us see the major benefits of maintaining this account and pre-requisites of opening such an account.

How Is This Better Than Individual Investment Account?

  • Versatile: Virtually every financial investment can be done through this account.
  • Low cost: The most competitive pricing structure currently available to the Indian investor.
  • Paperless: 100% paperless account with a single view of all your investment & truly automated.
  • Safety: The highest standards of transparency maintained by engaging IL & FS Securities & Services Ltd. (ISSL) as our custodian.
  • Customized: Just like your personal financial position is unique this account is unique and tailored as per your objectives, risk profile and goals.

Our Process

Our four tier approach of – setting tough filters, primary research, Right Horizons Score matrix & Limited berth theory has stood the test of peak volatilities during the past many quarters


Setting Limits On The Investible Universe.


There Is No Substitute To Primary Research


Run The Proprietary Right Horizons Score Matrix


Does It Merit A Berth; Limited Berth Theory

Frequently Ask Questions

Any resident or non-resident Indian can open a DMA® with Right Horizons Portfolio Management.

SEBI has mandated registered portfolio managers to have a minimum funding amount for such accounts at INR 2.5million (INR 25 lacs). The same can be funded by a variety of ways. By cash, existing holdings of listed securities, unlisted securities and/or mutual funds and any combination of these mentioned instruments.

No, currently we offer clients with discretionary portfolios where the account is under a complete PoA mode to the Portfolio Manager. All instructions to fund/withdraw need to be routed through the portfolio manager. However, if you wish for non-discretionary / advisory services or an execution only account, please get in touch with our service advisor and we shall be happy to help you set one up.

Yes, virtually every financial investment can be done through this account. In addition, we have managed strategies on all asset classes that have been performing better than benchmarks and competition. However, this account has limitations with respect to holding Indian securities and pre-dominantly intangibles.

Rest assured, we have maintained the highest standards of transparency by engaging IL& FS Securities & Services Ltd. (ISSL) as our custodian. ISSL provides this account with custody, safe-keeping, record keeping and clearing & settlement of each and every trade or transaction. We provide you with periodic reports on holdings, account activity and transactions. This account is as safe as any investment account that you are operating currently.

We have the most competitive pricing structure currently available to the Indian investor. If you have been managing your investments with other portfolio managers, or doing investments on your own; rest assures our charges are lower than any player operating in the market. The typical charges that are incurred while having an ordinary individual investment account (like a d-Mat account) usually apply to this account. For instance, brokerage on transactions, d-mart annual maintenance charges, Custody charges, FMC (fund management charges) and applicable loads, if any would be levied in this account. Almost all charges mentioned above are industry practice and we believe that we are ultra competitive in maintaining the same.

No, the account is not transferable in title to any other individual. This client can transfer the underlying securities freely as he would be able to do through his/her regular d-Mat account. The individual should nominate to this account for added safety. In addition, just like other financial accounts, this account can be held in single, joint and/or in registered entities names.

There are two sets of documentation that need to be done by the client. First, to open a Right Horizons DMA® account the client needs to agree to the terms and conditions set forth in the agreement of the of Right Horizons Portfolio Management and also agree to open a d-mat account with ISSL. The client would therefore need to endorse an Account opening form of Right Horizons DMA® and account opening of the D-mat with ISSL. However, for ease of use, we have clubbed the two processes to become a single set of forms at the time of opening. Since there is an involvement of two set of people (Right Horizons back office) and an external agency (ISSL); we would request you all to give us 2 – 3 days notice prior to account opening meeting. This would help us smoothly close the process of account opening

Our Portfolios

The portfolios are customized and are truly versatile to incorporate most objectives, risks management and return expectations. The breadth and depth of the portfolios is on par with the best in the Indian Investment landscape.

India Busines Leader

The portfolio contains 70% of the Nifty 50 stocks. It contains top large cap stocks of each sectors, with huge upward potential. The remaining 30% of portfolio contains mid cap stocks which are good performing in their respective sectors

Super Value Mid & Small CAP

This portfolio contians a combination of high performing small and midcap stocks. With 70% of large cap stocks to minimize the risk in. As per past performace, the fund has given great returns and always beaten the benchmark.


This portfolio is a combination of equity and debt to minimize the risk in the current volitile market. The Alliance Portfolio (a hybrid portfolio) could foresee the following risks in the short to medium term. This portfolio has out-perfromed its bench mark all the time.


As the name expalins, It a flexible portfolio. We hold large,mid and small cap funds in the portfolio. We even hold ETF in the portfolio. This portfolio gives the flexibility to buy any stock, ETF, gold or options at any time of the market. THere are no restrictions in this portfolio

Multi Asset Portfolio

A portfolio only for Mutual funds, Where we suggests our clients on their mutual funds investment as per there risk parameters and returns expectation.

Yield Multiplier Portfolio

This is portfolio invest in various real-estate portfolio with great potential and high returns.

Minerva India Underserved

A portfolio with high quality small and midcap stocks with great upwards potentail. the curning ratio in this portfolio is low with great retuns orinented stocks.

Minerva India Undervalues

Returns oriented with market moment Minerva India Underserved strategy attempts to screen companies that have, in our view, the largest real business upside (to come in line with G7 levels) within listed equities


Half Yearly SEBI Reporting

Our sole aim is to provide you end to end wealth management solutions under one roof.